I – 693

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I – 693

Can I have my family doctor perform my I-693 exam ?

To ensure strict examination standards are followed, only approved civil surgeons are allowed to administer the I-693 exam. Unless your family physician is authorized to provide this service, a qualified surgeon needs to complete your exam.

What will happen during the I-693 exam ?

When you come in for your examination, Dr. Lalezary begins by discussing your personal and family health history. Next, you receive a comprehensive physical examination, similar to what you receive at your family doctors office.

You are also required to get a mental health evaluation to determine that you meet the mental health standards required by USCIS. You will receive a tuberculin (TB) skin test during your examination. This test requires a follow-up visit within a few days so Dr. Lalezary can check for any skin reaction. If there is a reaction, you may need a chest X-ray or additional testing to ensure you do not have tuberculosis.

A simple blood screening is also part of the exam process. Dr. Lalezary draws a small blood/urine sample and checks for signs of HIV, syphilis, and gonorrhea. He discusses the process with you, and, if the test comes back positive, he provides additional counseling.

What should I bring to the exam ?

An important part of the exam involves determining if you have had the proper vaccinations. To make that process easier, bring in any vaccination records, even from childhood. Dr. Lalezary reviews those records and administers any vaccinations missing from your personal health history.

Once your exam is complete, Dr. Lalezary returns your Form I-693 in a sealed envelope for you to return to the USCIS. Do not open the envelope because that invalidates the results.

We fill out the I-693 form for you in the office, so you do not need to worry about filling out the form and bringing it in the office.

The team at Gardens Medical Center congratulates you on your progress toward becoming an American citizen! Contact them today to schedule an appointment to help you complete the medical portion of your journey to citizenship.